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I. Introduction

Newtech Technology Holdings Limited (the “Group”) is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace and protecting the environment with the aim of continuous improvement. We believe that all work-related injuries, diseases or property losses can be eliminated or even prevented if the safety, health and environmental saving are good practices.

In consideration of the nature of business of the Group, health safety and sustainability are core concerns of the Group during project planning and implementation. Under the guiding principles of this Policy, the Group has formulated detailed implementation guideline for project planning, execution as well as facilities maintenance.

II. Purpose

This policy provides guidelines for the Group to establish, implement and maintain systems of work for the purpose of eliminating unnecessary hazards to health, safety or environment as well as improving health safety and environmental saving practices where applicable by way of providing information/instruction/training/supervision.


III. Scope and Responsibilities

All employees of the Group companies and visitors to the workplaces (i.e. offices, warehouses and data centers) under the Group shall follow the Policy.

Management shall provide resources essential to fulfill the commitment. Resources include human resources and specialized skills, organizational infrastructure, technology and financial resources.

Department Heads, Managers, and Supervisors shall establish and maintain a disciplinary system that is actively strengthened and continuously upgraded to support good health and safety practices as well as environmental saving.

Health safety and environment saving performance shall be part of the responsibility of every employee at all levels and is a reasonable expectation of the Management.

IV. Guidelines

  • i. Health

    • A. Protection of eyes
      Employees are recommended to take a five-minute break from the computer monitor or mobile phone at least once every hour who habitually use such devices for as significant part of their normal work.
    • B. Good Posture Habits at Computer Desks
      Proper sitting posture at computer desks can help to promote a healthy back and spine. Employees may improve your sitting posture by adjusting your chair, keeping your feet flat rest on the floor, balancing your head and our arms/shoulders. You are also recommended to take periodic break and stretch out at least every one hour.
    • C. Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco
      Alcohol, smoking and the use of drugs (except under medical advices) are prohibited at all times at workplaces. No employee shall undertake duties if he/she is under the influence of alcohol or drugs (except under medical advices).
  • ii. Safety

    • A. Safety Tour

      a) Safety tour to where the new staff regularly work shall be provided as a part of the on- boarding procedure;
      b) Floor plan shall be precisely shown with the escape routes along with locations of fire extinguishers and first-aid box, which shall be displayed at the workplaces with up-to-day;
      c) Fire drill or any emergency drill shall be carried out periodically and proper record shall be kept. Same to chemical drill if applicable at the workplaces;
      d) Every employee must familiarize with the fire escape routes and procedures and follow the directions of the Group in relation to fire;
      e) Visitors (i.e. customers, contractors or vendors) are to be escorted by staff all the time at workplaces.
    • B. Safety Clearways

      a) Escape routes and exit doors must be clearly sign-posted and kept free of obstructions;
      b) Exit doors shall be kept unlocked until the last person leaves;
      c) Emergency lighting shall be maintained functioning.
    • C. Machinery and Equipment

      a) All portable machinery must be switched off and unplugged when not in use;
      b) Keep cautions and safety in mind when using wandering cables;
      c) Machinery and equipment shall be used by the authorized persons or on behalf of the Group and the directions for the use of such must be followed precisely;
      d) Machinery or equipment with expiry date must be inspected by qualified practitioners; (i.e. fire extinguishers, fire alarms or hole reels etc.)
      e) Personal Protective Equipment shall be used properly as instructed. It is the duty of any employee to report loss of or defect in the personal protective equipment.
    • D. Maintenance

      a) Defective machinery, equipment and structure must be reported to local HR & Administration Department and repairs shall be performed without delay;
      b) First-Aid box shall be checked regularly with its availability, condition as well as the expiry date, and refilled when necessary;
      c) The general hygienic standard shall be maintained at the workplaces by every employee.
  • iii. Environmental

    • A. Waste & Disposal Management

      a) Machinery, equipment, chemical, dangerous goods and other facilities for disposal must be disposed with an appropriate manner or by any authorized third-parties in accordance with best industry practices and local laws, whichever is applicable. Proper records of disposal shall be maintained;
      b) Electronic documents processing and keeping are highly recommended for internal use; in the event of printing, double-sided with margins setting are advised;
      c) Collect used fluorescent lamps, ink cartridges, paper and batteries for recycling.
    • B. Energy Saving

      a) Indoor temperature is recommended to set at 25.5°C; However, temperature in Data Center halls shall be adjusted in accordance with Service Level Agreement with customers;
      b) Lights and air-conditioners are encouraged to be turned off when work areas are unoccupied;
      c) Computers/laptops are required to be switched off after work.
    • C. Green Procurement

      a) Using reusable or eco-friendly stationery as well as equipment with energy labels are one of our prioritized considerations in procurement;
      b) External providers with certified environmental management system are considered to be our qualified suppliers in procurement.
  • iv. Training

    • A. Training on the Policy shall be provided to every employee of the Group, ensuring they have read, understood and complied with the Policy;
    • B. Refreshment is recommended to be carried out regularly, especially wherever there are any significant changes;
    • C. Promoting the 5R concepts (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Refuse, Repurpose/Recover) and cooperating with all employees to strengthen a green office culture.
  • v. Reporting and Emergency Plan

    • A. Hazards
      Hazards or suspected hazards or other health and safety matters shall be reported to the Department Heads or local HR & Administration Department as soon as practicable. If the hazard is of a serious nature, immediate actions must be taken to protect or clear the area to prevent any injuries.
    • B. Accidents and incidents
      • a) In the event of accidents or injuries, report to the Department Heads or local HR & Administration Department, or call ambulance directly;
      • b) Unqualified staff should not attempt to give first aid in the case of accident or illness;
      • c) Accidents or incidents shall be investigated by local Administration Department and improvement plan shall be proposed to the Management for consideration of preventing the recurrences.
    • C. Fire
      • a) Any employee shall activate the nearest fire alarm when discovering a fire;
      • b) All employees shall be evacuated from the building by the nearest exit to the assembly point immediately if fire is discovered;
      • c) No employee shall leave the assembly point without guidance from qualified professionals.

V. Acknowledgement

•Any significant changes of the Policy will be disclosed to every stakeholder (both internal and external).

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