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Safety is our top priority at clients’ premises we build and manage. Our dedicated project and facility managers are responsible for implementing and maintaining safety performance in accordance with the clients’ Health & Safety Policy and safe work practices. Through enforcement and education, we ensure compliance with safety standards, working towards achieving our zero accident goals.

We understand that data security is a critical aspect of modern business operations. A data security system comprises a set of measures and protocols designed to protect sensitive information from unauthorized access, alteration, or loss.

Within a data center, the security system operates through a combination of physical and digital safeguards. This includes access control mechanisms, video surveillance, intrusion detection systems, encryption protocols, and comprehensive monitoring processes. These measures work together to secure the infrastructure, network, and data stored within the data center, mitigating the risk of data breaches and ensuring data integrity.

The importance of data center security cannot be overstated. It safeguards valuable information, protects intellectual property, maintains customer trust, and ensures compliance with data protection regulations.

cctv camera for server room & data center
data center cctv security system & security solution

Enhancing Security with Newtech's Data Center Solutions

Newtech is a licensed service company for Type III security work under the Security and Guarding Service Ordinance in Hong Kong. We work closely with our technology partners worldwide to ensure the best solution is provided to our customers with proven track records. We conduct regular internal evaluation, training and workshops for our sales, engineering, and maintenance team to ensure the best practices are being adopted.

Newtech’s highly scalable data center security solutions and data center video surveillance solutions are widely adopted in different industries, from single door installations to multi-building deployments. Our solutions are proven in some of the most challenging environments such as data centers, financial institutions, hotels, hospitals, etc. With state-of-the-art technology and a strong technical team, we can customize the solution that meets the unique requirements of different business environments and industries.

Video Surveillance System

We design, build, and maintain various types of data center security system and data center video surveillance systems, such as:

Door Access Control System

Supports different industry standard smart cards, biometric, face recognition technologies.

Closed Circuit Television System

Offers security video surveillance platform with choices from traditional analogue cameras, digital HD-SDI cameras, megapixel IP cameras to innovative video recording systems.

People Counting and Analytics

Provides useful statistics & data for decision makers to plan their business strategies.

Security Control & Command Centre

Provides turnkey solutions from architectural construction to managed services.

Security Barrier Gate & Booth

Facilitates multiple-layer security in critical environments.

Vehicle License Plate Recognition

Integrates with access control, car parking, queue management analysis or advanced information systems.

Intrusion Detection & Alarm

Secures life and property through effective provision of door sensors, vibration sensors, beam/thermal sensors, and electric fence.

Electronic Key Locking System

Eliminates tedious key management headache, specially designed for hotels, data centers and enterprises with multiple locations.

Public Access System

Enables audio information broadcast & protects personnel safety through effective delivery of evacuation announcement in case of fire.

Audio/Video Intercom System

Supports premises and business of different nature.

Intelligent Security

We offer Intelligent Security and Video Surveillance Platform (Internet/VPN/P2P) solutions that provide reliable, secure, and efficient monitoring for mission critical environments. Our platform is designed to be scalable and feature-rich, while also offering low startup costs. Below are some of the key advantages of our Intelligent Data Center Security solutions:

Reliable & Redundancy

Our Intelligent data center Security solutions are built with reliability and redundancy in mind. We understand that security is a critical aspect of any business, and our platform utilizes redundant servers and backup systems to ensure that your security footage is always available when you need it. Our platform also includes failover mechanisms that ensure that your security system will continue to operate even in the event of a hardware or software failure.

Secure & Efficient

Security is a top priority for our clients. Our platform uses advanced encryption and authentication mechanisms to ensure that your security footage is protected from unauthorized access. Additionally, our platform is designed to be efficient, with intelligent algorithms that minimize bandwidth and storage requirements while still providing high-quality video footage.

Scalable & Low Startup Cost

Our Intelligent Data Center Security solutions are scalable and can be customized to meet the specific needs of our clients. Our platform can be easily expanded to accommodate additional cameras or locations, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes. Additionally, our platform has a low startup cost, making it an accessible solution for businesses that are looking to implement a security system on a budget.

Professional & Feature-rich

Our platform is designed to be professional and feature-rich, with a range of advanced features that are tailored to meet the needs of our clients. Our platform includes features such as motion detection, facial recognition, and license plate recognition, as well as advanced analytics and reporting tools that provide valuable insights into your data center security system’s performance.

Other attributes include

  • Analogue/ IP Camera & DVR
  • Anytime, anywhere remote viewing
  • Centralized record, backup & archive on Cloud
  • Video can be viewed & retrieved locally
  • Centralized viewing, retrieving & monitoring
data center security system & cctv camera for server room

Frequently Asked Question

1. What types of security and video surveillance systems does Newtech provide?

We design, build, and maintain various types of Data Center security systems and Data Center video surveillance systems, such as: Door Access Control System, Closed Circuit Television System, People Counting and Analytics, Security Control & Command Centre, data center Security Barrier Gate & data center security Booth system, Vehicle License Plate Recognition, Intrusion Detection & Alarm, Electronic Key Locking System, Public Access System, Audio/Video Intercom System.

2. What are CCTV systems?

CCTV systems, or closed-circuit television systems, are an important part of workplace security. They consist of cameras that feed into a monitor for real-time surveillance and recording. With modern HD cameras and motorized options, they provide effective surveillance for any area.

3. What are monitoring systems?

Monitoring systems are software that help system administrators monitor their infrastructure. They can monitor devices, traffic, and applications, and alert administrators in case of malfunctions or disruptions. Professional remote CCTV monitoring is a cost-effective security solution that can protect assets and property from criminal and environmental damage and loss. CCTV security systems can be connected to monitoring stations via the internet for live 24/7 surveillance or scheduled monitoring.

4. What are the best ways to manage data center security?

Managing data center security requires implementing comprehensive measures to protect sensitive information and mitigate risks. Some of the best practices include implementing strict access control measures, such as Door Access Control System, and Security Barrier Gate and Booth, to ensure only authorized personnel can access critical areas. Physical security measures like Closed Circuit Television System, and Electronic Key Locking System should be in place to monitor and control physical access.

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