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What is a Raised Floor System?

A raised floor system, also known as an access floor system, is a type of flooring construction commonly used in data centers and other technology-intensive environments. It consists of a structural grid supported by pedestals, creating an elevated floor above the building’s concrete slab. The space between the raised floor and the concrete slab is typically used for cable management, airflow distribution, power distribution, and equipment placement.

There are various components involved in a raised floor system:

  • Pedestals: These adjustable supports are installed on the concrete slab and provide the height and stability for the raised floor.
  • Stringers: Horizontal beams that connect the pedestals to form a structural grid, ensuring stability and load-bearing capacity.
  • Floor Panels: These are modular panels made of materials like steel, aluminum, or composite materials. They fit into the grid and form the raised floor surface. Floor panels come in various sizes and can have different load-bearing capacities and surface finishes.

Why is a Raised Floor System Important for Data Centers?

A raised floor system offers several important benefits for data centers:

Cable Management

The space beneath the raised floor allows for organized routing and management of power cables, data cables, and fiber optic cables. This helps reduce cable clutter, simplifies troubleshooting, and facilitates easy maintenance and upgrades.

Airflow and Cooling

The raised floor system enables the implementation of an underfloor cooling system. Cold air is distributed through the raised floor and directed to the equipment racks, ensuring efficient cooling, preventing hotspots, and maintaining optimal operating temperatures.

Flexibility and Scalability

Data centers often require frequent changes and expansions. The raised floor system provides a modular and flexible environment, allowing for easy reconfiguration, equipment additions or removals, and infrastructure scalability.

Power Distribution

The concealed space beneath the raised floor accommodates power distribution units (PDUs) and electrical wiring. This facilitates efficient and organized power distribution to the IT equipment, ensuring reliable and safe power supply.

Accessibility and Maintenance

The raised floor system offers convenient access to the underlying infrastructure. IT professionals can easily perform maintenance tasks, troubleshoot issues, and replace or upgrade equipment without the need for extensive overhead or underground wiring. This accessibility simplifies maintenance, reduces downtime, and improves operational efficiency.

In addition to the previously mentioned benefits, using a raised floor system in data centers offers several other advantages:

  • Flexibility in Equipment Placement: The raised floor system allows for flexible placement of IT equipment within the data center. Equipment racks can be easily moved or rearranged, making it convenient to reconfigure the layout or accommodate new equipment as needed.
  • Enhanced Grounding and Electrical Safety: The raised floor system provides an effective grounding grid that helps ensure proper electrical safety within the data center. Grounding conductors can be installed within the floor structure, reducing the risk of electrical hazards and improving overall safety.
  • Future-Proofing Infrastructure: Data centers continuously evolve to keep pace with technological advancements. The raised floor system enables easier upgrades and infrastructure changes, allowing for future-proofing of the facility. This ensures that the data center can adapt to new technologies and equipment requirements without major disruptions or costly renovations.

How Can Newtech Help?

Since 1992, Newtech has been a market leader in E&M systems and IT infrastructure for data centers and critical environments. We provide a range of services including consultancy, design, implementation, project management, system management, and facility management. With their expertise and experience, Newtech can assist organizations in:

Consultancy and Design

Newtech offers expert advice and designs tailored to the specific needs of data centers. We can help plan and optimize the raised floor system, ensuring efficient cable management, airflow, and power distribution.

Implementation and Project Management

Newtech’s team can execute the installation and construction of raised floor systems, managing the project from start to finish. We ensure proper coordination, quality control, and adherence to timelines.

System and Facility Management

Newtech provides ongoing support and management services for data centers. We can help with regular maintenance, troubleshooting, upgrades, and ensuring the optimal performance of the raised floor system and IT infrastructure.

With Newtech’s comprehensive services and industry expertise, organizations can benefit from a well-designed and professionally managed raised floor system, enhancing the efficiency, reliability, and scalability of their data center operations.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What is a raised floor system?

A raised floor system is a type of flooring construction commonly used in data centers and other technology-intensive environments. It consists of a structural grid supported by pedestals, creating an elevated floor above the building's concrete slab.

2. Does Newtech offer customization options for raised floor systems?

Yes, Newtech provides customization options for raised floor systems. We can tailor the design, dimensions, and load-bearing capacity of the raised floor panels to meet the specific requirements of data centers, ensuring optimal performance and functionality.

3. Can Newtech assist with the installation and maintenance of raised floor systems?

Absolutely, Newtech offers comprehensive services for raised floor systems. We not only handle the installation and construction but also provide ongoing maintenance, troubleshooting, and support. Their expertise ensures that the raised floor system operates efficiently and reliably over time.

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