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What is Oil Leak Detection System?

Non-detected water or oil leaks in data centers and other critical environments can have severe consequences. That’s why installing a reliable oil leak detection system is an ideal choice to safeguard these areas. Newtech’s Oil Leak Detection System is a specially designed solution that incorporates various sensors, cables, detectors, and circuits to continuously monitor and detect potential leaks of substances like gases or oil, ensuring their containment within the system. The system can be configured with either wire or probe-type fuel detection sensors, making it versatile for different applications. Its primary function is to prevent the escape of hydrocarbon oils, safeguarding oil storage facilities, fuel and heating oil tanks, and the surrounding environment. The potential risks associated with hydrocarbon leaks, such as fires, explosions, and environmental contamination, can cause irreversible damage to ecosystems and property equipment, posing significant threats to businesses.

oil leak detection system
oil leak detection

Why is it important for data centers and critical environments?

Leak detection plays a crucial role in identifying any materials leaking from pipelines or other sources and promptly alerting operators to these incidents. Whether it’s underground pipelines, defective generator sets, adjacent areas in basements, or faulty valves and pipes, the system ensures the early detection and mitigation of leaks, preventing further consequences such as generator set failure or disruption in backup power supply. Our oil leak sense system provides extensive coverage. The sense cables can be integrated with a Safeguarding System, sending email alerts via a standard Ethernet connection. Additionally, the fuel detection systems can report to SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), enabling remote monitoring and control of field devices.

How can we help?

Newtech’s Oil Leak Detection System features a digital control panel that is fully addressable and capable of monitoring sense cables. The panel boasts a user-friendly touch screen interface, allowing for instant leak detection and location tracking. Integrated monitoring software further enhances the system’s capabilities, facilitating quick identification of multiple leaks and their precise locations through embedded microchips within each sense cable. Designed for easy installation, the leak detection panels can be mounted on walls or installed on racks, ensuring optimal protection. Careful consideration should be given to their placement, avoiding areas with heavy vibrations or extreme temperatures. The cables, typically positioned under raised floor systems, should be handled with care to prevent tripping hazards or impact damage to the module.

In the event of a leak or cable break, an audible alarm is triggered, activating a relay for immediate response. The touch screen on the panel displays the exact location of the leak, details of the fault, and logs the date and time of the incident, enabling efficient and effective troubleshooting. Newtech’s Oil Leak Detection System offers industry-leading technology to proactively safeguard critical environments from oil leaks, ensuring the protection of valuable assets and minimizing the potential for costly disruptions.

Frequently Asked Question

oil leak detection

1. Why Oil Leak Detection is important in a Data Center?

Oil leak detection is crucial in data centers to prevent equipment damage, financial losses, and reputation damage. Incidents involving oil leaks can not only lead to data loss and financial consequences but also pose health hazards and safety risks. By installing an oil leak detection system, data centers can quickly detect and respond to leaks, minimizing facility and equipment damage, preserving human lives, and ensuring compliance with environmental regulations. It also demonstrates the company's commitment to responsible oil handling practices, mitigating the risks of oil spills and associated expenses.

2. How Do Oil Leak Detection Systems work?

Oil leak detection systems employ various methods, such as LED lights or sensing cables that absorb oil or fuel upon contact. This absorption causes an increase in electrical resistance, triggering an alarm in the electronic module with a unique address. The leak monitoring panel, the central component of the system, receives the alert, displays the leak location, shuts off oil flow, and sends reports and alerts via email and SNMP traps. The reusable and cleanable nature of oil sensors and cables reduces equipment costs, providing a cost-effective solution.

3. How to Maintain a Leak Detector?

Proper care, maintenance, and testing are essential for maintaining a leak detector's performance. Keep the detector clean and dry, avoiding moisture and dirt. Retaining the rubber tip and filter prevents moisture ingress. Store the detector in a safe location, away from dirt and rough handling to protect internal pumps and sensors from damage. Over time, as the sensor ages, adjust the current using the adjustment on the bottom to optimize its performance. When installing a new sensor, reset it to the original starting point to extend its lifespan.

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