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What is Fire Protection and HSSD System?

Fire protection systems are crucial for safeguarding buildings, occupants, and valuable assets. One of the most common fire protection systems is the smoke detector and sprinkler combination. In the event of a fire, the smoke detector senses smoke and triggers the sprinkler system to activate, helping to contain and extinguish the fire. However, this method may not be sufficient for certain environments, such as data centers, where even a minor fire can have catastrophic consequences.

That’s where High Sensitivity Smoke Detection (HSSD) comes in. HSSD is the most sensitive form of smoke detection available, designed to provide very early indication of an emerging fire condition. This pre-emptive warning allows for corrective action to be taken before the fire gets out of control.

For any data center or critical infrastructure facility, fire protection and high sensitive smoke detection (HSSD) systems are critical components. These systems are designed to detect potential fire hazards early and provide the necessary warning to prevent a fire from starting or spreading.

High Sensitivity Smoke Detection (HSSD) for data center and server room
High Sensitivity Smoke Detection (HSSD) Fire Protection System for data center and server room

How can we help?

At Newtech, we provide comprehensive HSSD solutions as part of our turnkey solutions for data centers infrastructure and critical environments. Our team of experts can assess your facility’s unique needs, design a custom HSSD system, source and procure the necessary equipment, install and test the system, and provide ongoing maintenance to ensure its continued reliability. With our HSSD system in place, you can have peace of mind knowing that your critical infrastructure is protected from the devastating effects of a fire.

Fire protection system for critical environments

Data centers are critical infrastructure facilities that require reliable fire protection systems to prevent downtime and minimize the risk of equipment, data, and personnel damage. At Newtech, we specialize in designing and installing fire protection systems that are specifically tailored to the needs of data centers.

In our previous projects, fire protection systems for data centers and critical environments normally include FM200 gas suppression system, pre-action sprinkler system, wet sprinkler system, early-stage smoke detection system, and smoke detector.

FM200 gas suppression system

FM200 is a non-flammable gas that is safe for people to breathe in and doesn’t damage electronic products. It’s ideal for use in colocation data centers because it can be used in an enclosed space. FM200 suppresses fire by removing heat or free radicals, disrupting the fire triangle’s chemical reaction to extinguish the fire. FM200 is a clean agent that doesn’t leave any residue behind and is safe for equipment, electronics, and machinery. Compared to other cleaning agents, FM200 is a cost-effective option.

Pre-action sprinkler system

In addition to FM200, we also offer pre-action sprinkler systems and wet sprinkler systems. Pre-action sprinkler systems are ideal for water-sensitive environments such as data centers, where accidental discharges due to false alarms could cause massive damage to delicate equipment. The pre-action sprinkler system is designed to prevent accidental discharges by requiring two steps to activate. First, a detection system must confirm the presence of a fire, and then the sprinkler system can be activated to extinguish the fire.

Wet sprinkler system

Wet sprinkler systems are the most common type of fire protection system and are designed to extinguish fires by spraying water from sprinkler heads. These systems have water constantly in the pipes and provide the fastest reaction time because there’s always water throughout the sprinkler piping system. However, wet sprinkler systems are best suited for areas that maintain steady temperatures above freezing level and may not be suitable for water-sensitive environments such as data centers.

Early-stage smoke detection system

Early-stage smoke detection systems are critical for preventing fires in data centers and other critical environments. These systems use advanced technology to detect even the smallest level of smoke before a fire has a chance to start. Our early-stage smoke detection system is designed to monitor all stages of a fire and provide the earliest possible warning of an imminent fire hazard.

Smoke detector

Smoke detectors are another important component of our fire protection solutions. They are designed to detect smoke and alert occupants of a potential fire hazard. Our smoke detectors are highly sensitive and can detect even the smallest level of smoke, providing early warning to prevent a fire from starting or spreading.

Smoke detector from HSSD system for Fire Protection to Data Center and Server Room
Fire protection system infrastructure in Data Center and Server Room

Frequently Asked Question

1. What is fire protection & HSSD System?

Fire protection systems are crucial for safeguarding buildings, occupants, and valuable assets. One of the most common fire protection systems is the smoke detector and sprinkler combination.

2. Why is data center fire protection important?

Data centers store critical infrastructure and data that can be lost in the event of a fire. Effective fire suppression systems, such as those for the entire building, individual rooms, and racks, are necessary to contain fires and prevent data loss. Without proper fire protection, a fire could result in expensive downtime, damage, and replacements of hardware and infrastructure.

3. What are the benefits of the HSSD system?

HSSD system can detect smoke at the earliest possible stage, allowing for local corrective measures to be taken, such as powering down equipment or using portable fire extinguishers. HSSD system can also be integrated into the main fire protection system, with subsequent levels of alarm set for suppressant release or evacuation.

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