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Guangzhou Financial Technology Forums


Newtech was honored to participate in the Guangzhou Financial Technology Forums organized by People’s Bank of China Guangzhou Branch Technology department, China Banking Regulatory Commission and Financial Technology Time in Yueda Financial City International Hotel on September 14. To promote digital transformation of the financial sector in Guangzhou, and fortify the communication between banks and IT enterprises, the event has invited 60 banks’ decision makers and seniors to join the discussion and exchange ideas on how to strengthen the cooperation of technology information of banks. As a leading IT company in Asia Pacific region, Newtech fully understands the market of FSI industry and IT trend. Our representative shared his insight and presented a demo of Newtech’s DCIM solution, which is in used for OneAsia’s latest Shanghai WaiGaoQiao and Jiangsu Nan Tong data centres. Our DCIM solution can facilitate the secure and reliable operation of the data centres owned by FSI companies, and ensures every aspect of the system’s performance can be 24×7 monitored and managed. The feedback of the presentation was in a total favorable result and we appreciate the positive feedback we received from our attendees! Please find some snapshots of the event below. In case you have any business ideas, or if we can be of help in any way, please contact us at:

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