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Enclosure Adaptive Cooling (EAC) System


Enclosure Adaptive Cooling (EAC) System is one of the high power density cooling solutions (10KW+) for data centers, which is different from the typical 5KW/rack data centers with a raised floor. Thanks to its dynamic fan speed control, it can ensure airflow be adaptive to heat load and flexibility to be regulated continuously with its intelligent control.

How can data centers benefit from EAC?

  • Highly-effective system for cooling data center enclosure
  • Serves contained aisles and even to each rack (return air chimney/duct)
  • Supplies the entire data center space with the most appropriate airflow required by IT equipment, avoid energy wastage
  • Completely utilizes the current cooling infrastructure, saves cost by 30% when compared with obsolete data hall without hot/cold aisle containment
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